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Technical Info


All our servers runs on Linux with the latest stable version of Apache and Lighttpd web server. We use Intel and Cisco technology - there is simply no better and more stable combination.

You can select between US or EU account/server location.

Technical Details

Primary DNSns1.fastoptics.com
Secondary DNSns2.fastoptics.com
FTP Accessftp.yourdomainname.com
POP3/SMTP Mail Servermail.yourdomainname.com
Path to Perl/usr/bin/perl
Path to Sendmail/usr/sbin/sendmail
Web FTPhttp://webftp.fastoptics.com
Web Mailhttp://webmail.fastoptics.com
Web MySQL Adminhttp://mysqladmin.fastoptics.com
Control Panelhttp://panel.fastoptics.com
Server Admin Panelhttps://admin.fastoptics.com

More technical details can be found in the control panel.