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Managing of the servers

With us, you don't need to know how to manage your server, how to update web software, how to setup applications or scripts or how to ensure reliability and security of the server. You don't need to keep your eyes on the server-side, that's our job!

We offer three levels of server managing:

Level 1 (standard)

It covers all usual server tasks, it's suitable for everyone
• Free 24/7/365 Support System
• Free soft and hard server reboots
• Free server & system installation (Apache, FTP, MySQL, PHP, CG-BIN/Perl, E-mails, etc.)
• Free hardware replacement
• Free ping monitoring with automatic restart
• Free help with installation or setup of well known scripts (trading scripts, tube scripts, CMS, etc.)
• Free installation of additional system libraries and modules
• Free help with content moving from elsewhere
• Free help with analyzing of possible system or server problems

Level 2 (better)

• Everything in Level 1
• Free help with custom DNS configuration
• Free system upgrades to latest stable versions
• Free help with special server configuration (Apache, E-mails, FTP, PHP, etc.)
• Free advanced pro-active monitoring with automatic restart (ping, http, uptime, mysql)
• Free OS reinstall
• Free help with special scripts and applications
• Free help with special requests

Level 3 (the best)

• Everything in Level 1 & 2
• Complete server administration: software install, configuration, security upgrades and full management
• Free help with any problem or request (also e.g. 3rd scripts)

Control Panel

With control panel you can do advanced setting of your server. It's very easy - just use graphical interface and with icons you can manage your server. You can select Direct Admin (multi-level admin/reseller/end-user control panel) or cPanel/WHM (another multilevel popular control panel).
Direct Admin control panel

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