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Your Own Hosting Company


Do you want to open your own hosting company and you don't know how? You don't have servers or network? Not a problem! We'll give you all you may need - special virtual account or your own server, connection and the control panel.


You'll have independence - we allow you to use your own virtual nameservers (if you want) and we can stay completely hidden from your clients, while you make huge profits from it. You're not limited - it doesn't matter if you want to run own hosting just for a few friends or for hundreds of other webmasters. No need to wait, open your own hosting company today! You'll get Direct Admin control panel [demo] or cPanel/WHM [demo] for free.

How to start?

It's very easy - just select any virtual plan or dedicated server and in signup form just mention that you want own hosting account with special reseller control panel access. let us know if you wish to setup your own NS records (ns1.yourdomainname.com and ns2.yourdomainname.com). Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

If you have any question, just contact us.